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Benefits of stopping your - dog behaving badly

There are obviously many benefits you can get from stopping your dogs behaving badly. For one, you will have a much more pleasant time with your furry friend when you take them out for a walk or a hike. We know you love animals specifically your dogs who you treat as part of the family, but just as an unruly child can be rather unpleasant to have around, so can your furry friend be a bit of a pest if he is badly behaved.

Let’s have a look at how to stop a dog from pulling when seeing another dog.

There are several techniques that you may want to consider using.

  • Good on leash skills – If your furry friend wants to charge ahead at the sight of another dog, in a commanding voice say “heel”, and/or you may want to change direction quickly and say “heel!”. A quick 45-degree pivot will sometimes be enough.
  • Eye contact, use your furry friends name to get eye contact, or use “look at me”. Work at holding eye contact for at least a minute or so while just sitting with your mutt or while you are walking. Even when they have picked up on the eye contact thing, they may still break eye contact from time to time to look back at the dog but they usually look back quickly, which is fine. You may want to also reward them anytime the look at a dog and then look somewhere else.
  • Scatter some small treats on the ground. You can do this when you note he is about to start pulling when seeing another dog. Scatter a few bits on the ground for him to find, you can then use the other techniques above to recapture his attention and move away from the trigger.

Another way is to try and keep yourself between your dog and the other dogs even when you are just walking around. Use the term “look at me” or some other term to have him focus on you. Try this first in no distraction area, then build on that by trying it in low distraction area and eventually when other dogs are around.

The obvious benefits are.

Once your furry friend has learnt these tricks, you and your dog will be much less stressed when you take him out. Another point is that he will also not annoy other dog walkers with his naughty behaviour.

Try using a dog backpack carrier.

If you are still training your fluffy friend and you want to avoid confrontations, you may want to consider a dog backpack carrier. These are basically a pet carrier for walking, trekking or cycling. All you need to do is put your dog in this specially designed rucksack put it on your back and off you go. They are designed to be comfortable, well ventilated and perfectly safe for your furry friend. As you can see there are other benefits to using a dog backpack carrier, you can now take him cycling with you or even take him to places he may find a bit tough, like rugged walking trails.

Then enjoy your adventures with your Fluffy Friend

So, if you are concerned about your dog’s behaving badly, have a go at some of the training we suggested above and if you want to know more about the dog backpack carrier, go to this website to get more information. (link to your website)

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