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Cabin adventure with small hiking dogs

Cabin adventure with small hiking dogs

Ever thought of venturing out in the wild, a weekend in the mountains shacked up in a log cabin with your best friend, Fido. Spending the days hiking with your dog along breath taking trails, meandering down streams in a kayak, gazing out over the hills at sunset, enjoying the rolling plains, fertile valleys and mountainscapes all there waiting for you to explore. If it sounds like your thing, you may wonder how you go about organizing such an adventure?

It's not that difficult to organize.

It’s not as difficult as you may imagine, you’ll find many short-term cabin rentals in remote towns and villages, as well as on the outskirts of big cities are fairly easy to track down. The hardest part will be to select from the big choices you have available. Obviously renting out of season would be even easier and less expensive. But in most cases, your scenery won’t change.

Find some trails near you

Or to be precise, find some dog friendly walking trails near you and a cabin that allows Fido to stay indoors with you. After all it’s pointless booking a cabin that prohibits your furry friend from joining you in your adventures.

Here is where Mr Google comes in, just do a search on “Pet-Friendly Cabins in the U.S.” or the area you live in.

Then check out the options and look at the trails in the area, you may want to only have regular trails, or you may want include some Kayaking waterways or cycling trails. The choice will be yours.

Once you are there

If you are taking your dog hiking for the first time you may start thinking about any issues you may encounter on the journeys, like how will your fluffy friend cope with rough terrains, is there any chance you may encounter wild life that you prefer your pooch not to interact with. Or what if Fido gets hurt along the way. 

You may want to consider a backpack to put your dog in. These are basically a pet carrier for walking, trekking or cycling. All you need to do is put your dog in this specially designed rucksack put it on your back and off you go. They are designed to be comfortable, well ventilated and perfectly safe for your furry friend. Most of them also allow you to carry some extra water and food for yourself and your pooch.

Then enjoy your adventure

Do something different with your pet this weekend and stay over in a lovely Log cabin fully surrounded by nature. The best cool places near you are just a few Google searches away. Also, if you are concerned about Fido and his well being while enjoying nature, go to this website to get more information on a dog weekender backpack. (link to your website)

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