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Dog motorcycle backpack – How to use it.

Dog motorcycle backpack – How to use it.

Ever heard of a Dog motorcycle backpack? You probably think it is a backpack for your dog that somehow has a connection to motor cycles. Pets travel everywhere with us these days, including hitting the open road on a motorcycle. So, if you plan to ride with your dog, let me explain to you what a dog motorcycle carrier is and how you can get your furry friend to safely join you on motor cycling trips in the future.

Firstly, why would you want to take your dog on a motorcycle.

If you’re a keen our-door person and a dog owner who loves having his furry sidekick with him, you may be looking for ways to take your furry friend with you as often as possible. Something about the freedom of the road and the companionship of a dog just feels right, so taking your best friend riding with you is a no brainer. But your pooches’ safety is paramount, so carefully consider the following advice.


What is a dog backpack carrier?

Simply put, they are a specially designed backpack or rucksack that you put your furry friend in and then carry him on your back. They are designed not only to keep your pooch comfortable and well ventilated, but also to keep them safe in the case you have an accident or fall. Keeping your dog close to your body helps keep them calm also. There are variuos options on the market, but for motorcycling it may be best to get a bag that allows your dog to face forward and stay secure on your back. Your pooch will feel more part of the experience and should settle down much quicker.


Tips on Starting out

If you have never done it before, starting to ride a motorcycle with your dog can be a real challenge. But as I said before, their safety should come first. So, to get them use to the motor bike, you might find it's best to not to have the bike’s engine running at first while you get the dog up on the bike. Get on the bike with your pooch in the Dog Backpack carrier strapped to your back. Gently move the bike forward with your feet and tilt it a little now and then. Do this for a while and if he is Ok with it reward your pup with a treat for doing a good job.

Once your dog gets comfortable on the bike, you can try starting it with the pup already in the dog backpack. This will avoid having to approach the bike with its engine running which could scare the pup. Now roll very slowly down the road or driveway.  Start at a speed that won't panic your pooch. You can increase speed as you and the dog become more comfortable together, eventually going out on normal rides at higher speeds

Other safety gear to consider

While pet helmets seem to be just for show, some extra protecting for that little K-9 brain is not such a bad idea. The added benefit would be that your pup will be looking like a biker and that is pretty cool. Next is eye protection, very important part of the dog's safety. With their little faces into the wind means they catch a ton of dust and debris while riding, and covering up their little eyes is a must.

If you would like more information on dog backpack carriers, feel free to visit our website. 



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