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Dog Backpack Carrier - Knavigate

Dog Backpack Carrier - Knavigate

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Imagine riding along a beautiful beach on you bike and your pooch is snugly tucked into his comfy backpack carrier. Or meandering through a green forest, taking in the scenery and knowing your best friend is having the time of his life being with you.

The Kavigate is perfect for owners who want to go on long bike rides, trekking around the outdoors or even motor cycling using a dog backpack. You’ve got your storage. You’ve got the support for your body and thus the stability you need to carry even a large pooch. Best of all, you’ve got many adventures waiting for you and your best friend.

With some dog carriers, there is not enough available storage space. With Knavigate, water, snacks, and gear are right where you need them with large dual side pockets.

Knavigate is equipped with an internal frame as well as a padded hip belt to comfortably support dogs/owners of all body types.  Add the wide shoulder straps with padding, the sternum clip, and a lap belt with hip pockets and you have everything you need in a doggy backpack carrier

For Dogs Ranging 4 - 50 lbs (2 - 23 kgs)

Start hiking with your dog today


  • Great for owners who want to go on long, bike rides or trekking
  • You have a lot of storage space
  • You’ve got the support for your body and thus the stability you need for those longer outings.


  • Sizing from XS to XL!
  • Lap Belt on all sizes
  • Hip Pockets
  • Storage Pocket extending underneath the Pet Base to Bottom of Frame
  • Dog Lumbar Support Straps
  • Internal frame to keep it sturdy
  • Wide shoulder straps with padding
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