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Dog Backpack Carrier - Plus 2

Dog Backpack Carrier - Plus 2

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As many dog lovers know, very few activities are as satisfying as going on a hike or bike ride with your dog instead of leaving them home alone. The Plus 2 lets you and your dog go to places where before may have been virtually impossible. Taking your best friend on a hike to a lake, up a rugged trail, or walking along a beach may be some of the most fun you ever have with your pooch.

The Plus 2 dog backpack carrier with a multi-functional storage pack is a great option for you to comfortably carry your dog on your back. The storage pack is great for bringing gear, treats, or other necessities along on your adventures.

Storage space and comfort is a problem with a lot of backpacks. The Plus 2 solves both these problems with its multi-functional storage pack and padded back panel.

Our Plus 2 doggy backpack carrier is available in sizes, S-L, so these dog carriers work for small through large dogs. its thicker shoulder straps and padded back panel allow for more weight and strenuous activities. It also acts as a support for your dog’s back, pulling your pup in snuggly against your back. The Plus 2 is our most complete dog carrier for small to medium sized dogs and fits dog owners small to large in build.

For Dogs Ranging 8 - 40 lbs (4 - 18 kgs)

Take your best friend for a hike or bike ride today.


  • Great for owners who want to go on longer, bike rides or trekking
  • You have a lot of storage space
  • You’ve got the support for your back and thus the stability you need for those longer outings


  • Detachable storage bag (14"x9") Don't forget your gear!
  • Fully ventilated sides for maximum refreshing air flow
  • Padded back panel for increased comfort and cooling
  • Thicker, wider, pressure relieving shoulder straps
  • Mesh dual side pockets for increased ventilation
  • Ventilated cooling side panels
  • Adjustable dual side pockets
  • Sternum strap avalanche whistle clip
  • Newly added PLUS 2 features include:
  • Wide Base to accommodate your pet and its tail
  • Adjustable Side and Back Cinch Straps to ensure the best fit
  • Fur Flap (No more zipping your dog's hair in the bag)
  • Adjustable Collar Enclosure


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