Collection: Urban Cruising | Dog Backpack Carrier

There was a common belief that dogs weren’t suited to city living. The thinking was that pooches needed room to move and lots of outdoor space, so they were best suited to life in the country or in the suburbs.

Of course, we now know that many dog breeds make wonderful companions for life in a big-city apartment. In fact, many dogs can easily adapt to city living and make wonderful housemates from their puppy years right through to old age.

But one important consideration for every pet parent living in the city is making sure their pooches get out enough. So, take your pooch out every day, best yet, take them with you in a doggie backpack carrier. Whenever possible, take them out of the bag to get a bit of exercise and run around. It’s great fun for them and allows them to go with you to places that may pose some challenges, such as hot pavements, other dogs, rough terrains and busy sidewalks.  Pet carrier backpacks are becoming more popular everyday because they are so versatile and trendy.                              

Have a look at some of the most suitable dog backpack carriers used for urban cruising.