Collection: Hiking | Dog Backpack Carrier

When it comes to having fun with your dog, very few activities may be as satisfying as going on a hike or walk with your dog. A comfortable, well designed dog backpack carrier for hiking will definitely help you and your dog get to places where before may have been virtually impossible.

Taking your best friend on a hike to a beautiful lake, snowshoeing up a fun trail, or walking on your favourite beach may be some of the most fun you can share with your pup.

When necessary, a dog carrier backpack will enable you to keep your pooch away from any rough terrain, off the hot ground or sand and away from other dogs or wild life. When it’s safe to do so, allow your dog to get some exercise by letting them out of the bag from time to time and put them back in again when they tire or you approach a hazardous area.

Have a look at some of the most suitable doggy backpacks for hiking.